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Southern California. The glitz, glamour, the drama. Everything's good under the sun. Or is it?

Damon Lattimore, LAPD, has another case between his hands. When a surgeon is brutally murdered, it is up to him to get to the bottom of it. He will have to leverage his inner demons in order to face his toughest opponent yet. For his part, Finnish ice-hockey pro Mikael Haikkanen is still searching for his first title.

Their lives, and the lives of many others will be intertwined in a rollercoaster ride. The result?

Welcome to the City of Angels.

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Tokyo Blues

He stared up and glanced into her eyes. She was the most exotic, wild beauty he had ever seen. She gazed at him timidly.

Damon Lattimore is back.

After crossing the entire Pacific, he now finds himself in the very heart of Tokyo. Once the power base for the Tokugawa shogunate, the now Japanese cosmopolitan metropolis represents yet another challenge.

Travis Harrison, America's pride and joy, Olympic judoka and favorite to take home the gold, is found murdered in a high-end hotel in Shibuya. No signs of a struggle. Only a dead body.

Will Lattimore solve the case on time? Embroiled in a diplomatic scandal, the native Californian is against the clock if he wants to maintain peace and stability back home.

The relations between East and West are on a collision course, and it's up to the unorthodox detective to settle the score, in an affair that will dig out an important fragment of Japanese history, where old meets new and dynasties clash.

Almost five hundred years hold the secret to the most scandalous murder in recent Japanese history. And the responsibility is on him.

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About the author

Frank Hamre

is a young author born and raised in Madrid, Spain, in 1993. Having mixed ancestry, both Spanish and Norwegian, he spent his childhood between these two countries, while finally deciding to pursue a career in Medicine in Spain, graduating from Complutense University in the year 2017.

Always holding a deep fascination for crime novels, thrillers and whodunnits, with his main inluences including Agatha Christie, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Haruki Murakami, and winning numerous literary awards, he finally decided to put pen to paper in 2020, with his first work released on Amazon in february 2021.

Besides writing crime fiction, Mr. Hamre also serves as a lifestyle and mental health copywriter and ghostwriter within the health realm.

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